Backup power supply EBU1



Backup power supply with battery


Designed for ESIM120 and ESIM252
Power supply 11,5-30 V, DC
Battery type: Ni-MH 9V 250mAh

What is it and what it does?

Backup Power Supply EBU1 for any electronic equipment, where uninterrupted power supply is required. Has an output for failure indication. EBU1 provides power for low power electronic equipment in case of main power supply failure.

Ni-Mh rechargeable battery included. Plastic enclosure for easy fixing to the wall or other surface. EBU1 designed for ESIM120 and ESIM252.


Power supply 11,5-30 VDC
Output power supply while operating on battery 6,5-10,5 VDC MAX 0,5A
Battery type Ni-MH 9V 250mAh
Output for external power supply indication Open collector
Dimensions 80×36×21 mm