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Netzwork Power Adapter Set
  • PoE injector incl. crossover function for direct connection to the PC
  • For all MOBOTIX cameras (except for M1, M10 and D10) and all PoE devices
  • Provides compatible PoE power supply (IEEE 802.3af) for direct connection to PC and camera

Article numbers:
MX-NPA-PoE-EU-Set (with power plug for Europe)
MX-NPA-PoE-INT-Set (with power plugs for EUR, UK, US, AUS)

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NPA-PoE Adapter
  • PoE injector (IEEE 802.3af) incl. crossover function for direct connection to the PC
  • Blue adapter with 3 sockets RJ45 and universal power supply with RJ45 plug
  • Without power plug, additional power supply (12 to 57 V DC) and connection cable necessary

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Universal power supply with 4 power plugs
  • For international use thanks to broad input voltage range and interchangeable power plugs (no tools required)
  • With 4 power plugs for Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Australia
  • Connections: 1x RJ45 (for adapter), 1x network (up to 4x interchangeable adapter)
  • Nominal data input: 100 V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz/400 mA
  • Nominal data output: DC 24 V/750 mA
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to +40°C / 32 to +104 °F

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 Quick Install: MxSwitch Configurator
  • Easy to install on TS35 DIN rails, width: 6HP (108 mm)
  • Four PoE+ powered network ports RJ45 (max. 25,5 W per port, max. 75 W total load on all four PoE+ ports combined)
  • One RJ45 network port for connecting to switch, router or computer (uplink)
  • Built-in 12 V DC/1 A power supply for door opener (e.g., switched on/off by BellRFID or KeypadRFID)
  • Unused wire pairs 4/5 and 7/8 on network installation cable for PoE ports A/D available directly on screw terminals (MxSplit)
  • Pushbutton inside applies 12 V DC for 90 seconds to terminals 17/18 (for purposes of temporarily overriding anti-theft lock in frame of Door Stations and MxDisplay+ units)
  • Future expansion option for DIN rail modules already integrated (backbone)

Required Accessory (not included): External power supply device 48 V DC (output current min. 2 A)

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NPA-PoE battery cable
  • Provides power supply from car batteries of other power sources from 12 to 24 V for the camera
  • Includes a self-resetting fuse
  • RJ45 plug to PoE injector and +/- terminals for power source
  • Can only be used with Mx-NPA-PoE injector

Article numbers:
MX-CBL-NPA-BAT-2 (2m ≙ 78.74 in.)

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