MOBOTIX Easy Change Optics

More Flexibility, Less Effort.

Due to the focus on quality, durability and usability, the MOBOTIX technical concept offers a big advantage in that the customers can change the optical components of most camera models themselves. This can be done cost-effectively and with minimum effort. The procedure is documented in detail in the corresponding camera manual. Thus, the position of a MOBOTIX camera can be changed and the optics can easily be adjusted to fulfill the requirements of a new mounting location. Depending on the lens used, the area covered by the camera varies. Using a Super Wide Angle lens for example, an entire room can be monitored from a corner. A tele lens captures an identifiable image of a number plate or a person.

Interchangeable Premium Lenses (for M25, D25, D15)

The high-quality HD premium lenses can be used for different MOBOTIX camera series. They offer the advantage that they are also compatible with older camera series. The area captured by the lens (horizontal and vertical angle) slightly differs with the image sensor installed in the camera. For details please refer to the lens table.