MxManagement Center

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Intuitive and flexible Video Management

MxManagementCenter is an intuitive and user friendly VMS for any kind of project scale. In combination with our intelligent and highly secured network cameras Made in Germany, we are able to provide complete video solutions.

With the new version MxMC 1.4 we put special emphasis on an improved user experience, more performance as well as increased security.

MxManagementCenter 1.4 with optimized features

  • Improved device bar with hierarchical (nested) tree structure to support layout views including subgroups
  • More performance on Windows and Mac computers
  • Ideal support of the new camera line Mx6
  • Extended security options with the user rights management and increased password security
  • Flexible arrangement of layout views and cameras, perfectly adapted to your individual screen
  • Save your previous MxMC settings individually