ESIM120/ESIM320 – remote GSM/GPRS Gate controller

2G and 3G remote Gate controller ESIM120/ESIM320



Monitor, open, operate doors, gates, barriers using call, text or apps

Internal 2000 users database
5 administrators
2 relay outputs
3 inputs



What is ELDES gate controller?

ELDES gate controller is a remote GSM and GPRS device, switching two relays upon configured scenario. Relays are being activated by authorized voice call, text message or mobile application (iOS and Android). ELDES gate controller was specifically designed to operate barriers and garage doors.
ELDES gate controller comes in 3 different GSM versions:

  • ESIM120 is 2G, EU;
  • ESIM320 3G/2G EU;
  • ESIM320US 3G USA.

Gate controller by default comes with ELDES box casing, but it also can be acquired with IP66 and DIN-rail enclosures.

How ESIM120/ESIM320 operates?

Gate controller has 3 inputs to monitor the state and 2 relay outputs to control the appliances, using SMS, Call, mobile APP or widget. Device input status can be provided by a SMS message or a phone call. Includes scheduler, event counter and remote user database management using ELDES configuration tool, SMS message or ELDES Cloud. With ELDES Cloud functionality you can set up your client database online, which makes it valuable for small business use.

Most popular ELDES gate controller application – entrance barriers and garage doors. First, user database has to be sent to the device (locally or remotely). Authorized users then can trigger relays’ output, using call, text or mobile applications. If user mobile number is recognized in the database, relay is being triggered.

There are many possible applications for ESIM120 and ESIM320 – water pumps, valves switching and monitoring, industrial heating, computer server restarting – to name a few.