EWK2A panic button keyfob

Wireless keyfob with 1 button EWK2A


Panic button


LED indicator
Panic button



What is it?

EWK2A is a wireless device – panic button.

What it does?

EWK2A keyfob model features one configurable button.

After the button is pressed, EWK2A internal buzzer’s sound signal and red LED indicator confirms a transferred command to ELDES alarm system via wireless connection.

EWK2A compatible with: ESIM364PITBULL-ALARM.

  • LED indicator
  • Panic button
  • Possible to connect up to 5 EWK2A devices to ELDES alarm system at a time
  • Visual and audio indication of command status
  • EN 50131 Grade2 Certified


Battery type CR2032 Lithium (5004LC (ANSI/NEDA))
Battery voltage; capacity 3V
Number of batteries1 1
Battery operation time ~18 months
Radio transmitter-receiver frequency 868 MHz
Range of operating temperatures -20…+55°C
Compatible with security systems ELDES Wireless
Radio communication range 30 meters in premises; 150 meters in open areas
Dimensions 53×37×10mm