Product Portfolio Quick Install: MxDisplay+  Configurator

For Viewing & Device Management. IP65 Protection Optionally.

MxDisplay+ is a wall-mountable Building Automation Server with touchscreen display, incorporating WiFi and RFID functionality. From this central glass console, you can add and configure all MOBOTIX devices. It manages access to the T25 IP Video Door Station and to all MOBOTIX cameras, configures time-based access control for every door, reads and writes RFID transponders, offers a floor call function and controls smart home functions.

The MxDisplay+ Outdoor is a weatherproof MOBOTIX surveillance station available now in both white and black. The robust devices feature the same external design as the indoor models but meet protection class IP65 (dust-proof and resistant to sprayed water from any angle), and can be used at ambient temperatures from -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F). This means they can be readily used in critical environments subject to high humidity, major temperature fluctuations and dust. Every MxDisplay+ Outdoor is equipped with Bluetooth-ready hardware to accommodate future upgrades and comes standard with an advanced Wi-Fi module, which automatically selects the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency based on the Wi-Fi server in use.

MxDisplay+ fits into the frames and housing of the door station modules and the FlatMount Frame. Multiple MxDisplay+’s can be wirelessly connected, each being powered via PoE.

A detailed description of the installation can be found in the Quick Installation Guide.

MxSoftPanel For Windows And Mac OSX

MxSoftPanel is a new, free of charge user software from MOBOTIX that offers the functionality and user interface of the MxDisplay+ as a stand-alone application, meaning it can transform any Windows- or Mac OS X-based computer into an additional remote station.

With a fixed resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, MxSoftPanel features all functionalities of the MxDisplay+ (with the exceptions of the storey call function and training RFID transponders). The ability to use a computer connected to a large monitor makes it easy to perform very involving work on configurations (changing entry permissions, changing entry times, adding/removing new PINs, for example). MxSoftPanel can be used to create new entry PINs or delete old ones from anywhere in the world, thanks to the ability to integrate remote Door Stations (like in a vacation home).

Highlights MxDisplay+
Video remote station with touch screen, microphone, speaker and integrated video management software for MOBOTIX Door Stations and cameras: Intercom with live image, activation of the electric door opener, switching of lights, launching of a short recording function directly in the live image and many more.
New processor generation doubles the frame rate display compared to previous MxDisplay.
Up to 60% more details when zooming: MxDisplay+ retrieves high resolution camera images (1024 x 768).
HD sound technology with full duplex hands-free talking and optimal speech transmission to and from MxDisplay+
Comprehensive RFID functions: Setup and administration of RFID cards and access PINs, setup of limited-time access using an RFID card and/or PIN (for example, an access PIN that is only valid for 12 hours for a repairman or a card for cleaning staff that is only activated on Mondays)
Playback of voice mailbox messages and recorded events from the Door Stations and cameras, integrated event search and player function
“A break from the doorbell”: Temporary deactivation of doorbell messages at individual MxDisplay+ points or at all remote stations (for example, during the night or while away; alarm messages can still be received)
Wi-Fi function with various operating modes: “Client” for network and/or Internet connection to MxDisplay+; “Extended Network” for setting up MxDisplay+ as a Wi-Fi access point for other devices in the building (smartphones, tablets, PCs)
Switching functions can be programmed on devices for home automation (lighting, blinds, etc.)
Camera and Door Station settings can be adjusted even without a PC (for example, programming recording, changing access data, adjusting image settings, etc.)
Simple installation, power supplied via Ethernet cable (PoE) or standard power supply unit (12 to 48 V DC), wireless network connection also possible
Easy to set up and use as many MxDisplay+ as necessary in the building as the configuration file can be transferred from other MxDisplay+ units via the network
Highlights MxDisplay+ Outdoor
IP65 and ambient temperature range from -30 to 60 °C (-22 to 140 °F)
Suitable for use outdoors and in critical environments (for example, damp locations)
Integrated 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi module
MxBus-ready and Bluetooth-ready (V3.0 high speed) – ready for the upgrades of the future today