Quick Install: MxThinClient  Configurator
IP Video Interface for Live Display of Cameras and Door Stations on a Monitor/ TV

MOBOTIX offers a particularly simple and compact solution for displaying the live image of a MOBOTIX camera (from model series x24, x14 and later) on a monitor or TV with HDMI connection with the PoE-powered network device MxThinClient. To do so, the MxThinClient is simply connected via a network cable to a free PoE port of the switch to which the camera displaying the image is also connected. The MxThinClient and the monitor are connected with an HDMI cable. If an additional router is connected to the switch, remote cameras that are accessible by Internet via DynDNS service can also be integrated into the MxThinClient and displayed on the monitor.


  • Live display of one or several MOBOTIX cameras or images of a connected web server on a monitor/TV, either permanently or in a controlled looping sequence
  • Display of the camera with the most recent event, for example a motion detection
  • License- and maintenance-free with a power consumption of only 2 Watts
  • “Boot-Stable“ with reliable autostart after power failure. Display of the missing camera connection on screen.


  • Theft prevention in retail stores and shops due to the obvious visibility of an existing video surveillance system
  • Display of advertising, promotions and directions
  • Display of leisure offers and facilities in hotels and resorts
  • Live display of a MOBOTIX camera or door station on a TV in private homes
  • Easy and license-free implementation of safety applications and monitor walls where interaction is excluded and reduced to live camera views

You need a computer connected to the PoE switch in order to configure the MxThinClient (password protection, camera integration, sequencer, network data, NTP time server). The device can then be configured via the web interface, which is accessible by an Internet browser and MxThinClient IP address. The MxThinClient can then be used to (also without a connected computer)

  • continuously display the live image of an integrated MOBOTIX camera on the monitor/TV
  • display the live image of several integrated MOBOTIX cameras and/or image files stored on a connected web server on the monitor/TV in chronological order (the duration of display can be individually adjusted per camera/image file)
  • display on the monitor/TV the live image of the integrated MOBOTIX camera which last sent a message to the MxThinClient due to a current event, such as MxActivitySensor (the cameras and MxThinClient communicate via MxMessageSystem).

The MxThinClient is license- and maintenance-free, requires very little power (power consumption of 2 Watts), can be easily supplied with emergency power via the PoE switch, and it is boot-stable (fast and reliable auto boot after a power interruption). The network device can be switched on/off by simply plugging/unplugging the supply Ethernet patch cable. If a camera connection gets lost, the user will immediateley receive information on the monitor/TV set.