Behavioral Analytics

“Undesired” motion patterns of objects and people can now trigger events, when using a 6MP camera c25, Q25 and S15M in-ceiling installations:

Corridor: If an object crosses a defined counting corridor, an event is triggered (e.g. for recording, alarm triggering and/or notification)
Duration of stay: Object/person exceeds a defined time staying in the image area
Opposite direction: Object moves against main direction
Turn: Object changes direction between 45° and 135°
U-Turn: Object suddenly reverses direction
Speed: Object/person exceeds the defined speed (m/s)

The enlarged image section shows a counting corridor of a reception area, indicated by two yellow arrows with a total of three counting corridors. Since the counting started, 264 objects crossed the corridor (green number) and 370 crossed in the opposite direction (red number).

MxAnalytics: Behavioral Detection

The image analysis events feature the “behavioral detection”. This means that you can use the results from the “MxAnalytics” image analysis toolbox to directly trigger events.