Interface Boxes

  • Radar wave-based detection of moving objects, even if there is no difference in temperature between these and the environment
  • Ideal supplement to PIR sensors that only react to infrared radiation
  • Detection of all kinds of movements, plus the option to filter out radial movements (only sends MxMessage for approaching/distancing objects, for instance)
  • Pre-defined profiles of approaching/distancing/movements for optimal detection of human movements
  • Completely concealed installation behind wood, plastic or drywall is possible (with reduced detection range)

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  • Easy to integrate analog cameras into the MOBOTIX IP video system including MxManagementCenter
  • Use of MOBOTIX image analysis functions like MxActivitySensor or Video Motion, also with analog cameras
  • Storage of analog camera images via S15D to SD card or NAS makes analog camera recorders unnecessary
  • Conversion of analog camera images to MxPEG video codec to effectively reduce data volumes

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  • Weatherproof interface box (IP65, -30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to +140 °F)) with six self-powered inputs
  • Simple and fast camera connection via a two-wire MxBus cable (up to 50 m)
  • Flexible camera sensor expansion by connecting up to 6 external sensors per box (e.g., window/door contacts, light barriers etc.)
  • Intelligent communication with cameras and MxBus modules in common network via MxMessageSystem

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  • Weatherproof interface box (IP65, -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)) with eight outputs
  • Simple and fast camera connection via a two-wire MxBus cable (up to 50 m)
  • Flexible system expansion with connection of up to eight peripheral devices per box 
(e.g., power relay for lighting, garage door drive, blinds, etc.)
  • Up to eight self-powered outputs or six self-powered outputs and two isolated outputs
  • Intelligent communication with cameras and MxBus modules in common network via MxMessageSystem

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  • Weatherproof interface box (IP65, -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)) that can be positioned at any point on an MxBus connection cable
  • Simple functional expansion of the system by means of simultaneous power supply and use of up to 7 MxBus modules on one camera (max. 9 watts)
  • Reduced load on the camera (less heat developing, higher performance) because the MX-BPA-Box supplies all power to the MxBus modules
  • Connection of standard voltage sources and batteries to the MX-BPA-Box (12 to 48 V DC)
  • Plug & play: The MX-BPA-Box features auto configure function
  • Maximum length of MxBus two-wire cable: 100 m

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 Quick Install: MOBOTIX NPA Box Configurator

Weatherproof PoE Injector and network connector (-30 to +60 °C / -22 to +140 °F; IP65). IEEE 802.3af Network Power Adapter (NPA) for power supply by external power supply units and batteries from 12 to 57 V DC.

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 Quick Install: MOBOTIX GPS Box Configurator

Weatherproof GPS time base for MOBOTIX systems (-30 to +60 °C / -22 to +140 °F; IP65) Includes outdoor temperature and illumination sensors. Connects via 2-wire cable (not with Q24, D24, M24).

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  • Surge protection for MOBOTIX IP Cameras
  • Protects against surges of up to 4 kV on the PoE network cabling
  • For patch cable to patch cable or patch cable to installation cable (MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-LSA)
  • Complete set including mounting supplies
  • Weatherproof network connector (IP65) with surge protection of up to 4 kV for MOBOTIX IP cameras; ideal for replacing MX-Patch-Box

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MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-RJ45 (Patch cable <> patch cable (RJ45))
MX-Overvoltage-Protection-Box-LSA (Patch cable <> Network installation cable (LSA))

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  • Weatherproof signal input/output (-30 to +60 °C / -22 to +140 °F; IP65)
  • Connection of external sensors and switching of external devices via MOBOTIX cameras
  • RS232 interface, connection to camera using USB or MxBus
  • Not for Basic models

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