CathexisVision ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

CathexisVision provides an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution for both low and high-speed applications. The ANPR software allows for the identication and capturing of number plate information via cameras and databases.

This provides 24/7 access to users who can compare images captured to blacklists or whitelists and take immediate appropriate action against these comparisons. The ANPR feature is well-suited to any parking/access control application as well as any high-speed freeway detection requirements.


Recognition of license plates from over 200 countries

The CathexisVision ANPR Feature with its proven high performance capability can be used worldwide. The applied world
leading technology covers over 200 countries.

The CathexisVision ANPR Suite includes:

  • One of world’s leading algorithms for instant recognition
  • Recognition of license plates from over 200 countries
  • Compatibility with standard (visible light) and infrared ANPR cameras
  • The creation of unique groups (blacklists, whitelists, employees, contractors)
  • Predetermined actions for various group
  • Seamless camera setup
  • Simplified database mining capability

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure maximum security
  • Deny unauthorised access
  • Ability to capture information regardless of speed or light
  • High-definition images for accurate identification
  • View events from specific time-frame

Compatibility with standard (visible light) and infrared ANPR cameras

The state-of-the art technology associated with CathexisVision ANPR provides for immediate license plate recognition with all IP cameras.


The creation of unique groups (Blacklists, Whitelists, Employees, Contractors)

The CathexisVision ANPR software automatically captures and records each number plate as it passes the IP surveillance camera. The information is saved and users are able to designate various license plates into unique groups, for example: blacklists, whitelists, Contractors and Employees.

Predetermined actions for various groups

Having captured license plates and having information stored in various groups, users are able to setup predetermined actions based on those groups. For example: an employee vehicle has approached the company parking lot, open access gate.

Seemless camera setup and configuration

For a simplified user experience, the ANPR Feature allows for the simple setup of cameras at any height or angle, which will not interfere with accurate identication capability. The system is then easily configured to allow for instant use and maximum capability.

Advanced Database Mining Capability

A major feature associated with CathexisVision ANPR is the advanced automated data mining software that trawls  through vast amounts of data collected. This process can be used on previously captured records for comparisons or to collect intelligence about specific plates.