ESIM022 GSM auto dialler

Simple and cost effective GSM auto dialler ESIM022


Simple and cost effective GSM auto dialler. 2 inputs, one output. Informs about a triggered alarm or electric device failure.

GSM auto dialler ESIM022

1 call configuration
1 open collector: 200mA 30V output
2 inputs
2 users



What is ESIM022?

Simple and cost effective GSM auto dialler. 2 inputs, one output. This dialler is a right choice for managing control and monitoring applications.

What is the purpose of ESIM022 dialler?

ESIM022 may be connected to various electrical devices and systems. It will instantly report about device failure or power shortage. In addition of performance features, the device allows system reboot, restoration via a simple SMS message. Connect ESIM022 to electrical appliance and control it by using mobile phone. Examples: switch lights with an SMS or control heating, watering and similar electrical devices using your phone.
Customize your own notification texts. New GSM module provides secure and stable data transmission.
ESIM022 combines functionality and reliability. Integrated termosensor informs about temperature where ESIM022 is installed. Digital input allows to connect extra temperature sensor and monitor temperature in premises. Enclosure tamper switch informs about attempt to damage system.
With rechargeable back-up battery (optional), the controller provides continuous maintenance and mains failure warnings.
Connect 3 wires, insert SIM card and make a call. Your device is ready to use. It’s possible to register up to 2 users (phone numbers) that will receive alerts to mobile device. USB connection allows flexible configuration with Eldes Configuration Tool.


Main features

  • 1 call configuration
  • 2 users
  • 2 inputs
  • 1 open collector: 200mA 30V output



Inputs 2
Outputs 1 open collector 200mA 30V max switching
Built-in GSM/GPRS module 900/1800 MHz
Authorized users 2
Temperature sensor Built-in
Supported external temperature sensor model Maxim, Dallas DS18S20, DS18B20
Microphone connector Yes
Alarm notification Via SMS or call
Restore input Via SMS
GSM antenna Built-in
Enclosure dimensions 96×59×34mm
Supported back-up battery (optional) 9 V 250 mAh Ni-Mh 6F22
Battery time Up to 12 hours