EPGM1 hardwired zone & programmable output expansion



Hardwired zone & programmable output expansion


16 hardwired zones
2 programmable outputs 250mA
Compatible with ESIM264 panel
Compatible with ESIM364 panel

What is it?

EPGM1 is a hardwired zone and PGM output expansion module intended for using with ELDES alarm systems.

What it does?

The 16 Zone Expansion Module EPGM1 adds 16 hardwired zones, 2 Programmable outputs 500mA (PGM) and provides 500mA @ 12VDC auxiliary current.

ESIM264 system supports 1 EPGM1 module, while ESIM364 – 2 EPGM1 modules.


Hardwired zones 16
Supply voltage 10-24V
PGM outputs 2×250mA
Operating temperature -20…+55°C
Dimensions 118×47mm