IP receiver software EGR100



Monitoring station IP receiver



Up to 65 000 objects
Free download and support
Operating systems: XP/Vista/7
Supports ELDES control panels

What is it and what it does?

IP Receiver Software EGR100, receives information from Eldes control panels via GPRS and converts it to the popular MLR2-DG format used by third party monitoring stations.

EGR100 creates a virtual COM port, collects data from the alarm control panels and forwards it to monitoring station software.

Main features

  • Supports industry standard: MLR2- DG (Surgard)

  • Supports ELDES control panels

  • Operating systems: XP/Vista/7

  • Free download and support

  • Up to 10 000 objects


File specifications

Supported operating systems (OS) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 10
Software version 2.03.00
Release date 2016-08-03
File size 3,8 MB